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– BONE True Hybrid Maple-Mahogany shells in sizes: 12×8 tom, 14×16 and 16×16 floor toms and 22×18 bass drum.
Beefy 9-ply kick shell and 7-ply toms.
African Mahogany natural high gloss lacquer finish

– Chrome hardware, single sided tube lugs, in-line style
custom chunky 1.25” BONE aluminium air vents and badges
Gauger suspension tom mount – gold anodised
2.3mm power hoops, heavy duty spurs and legs

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Velikost seta 4 pieces
Material maple-african mahogany
Stil ogrodja Chrome
Stil napenjalcev Tube lug 1.5''
Stil / barva bobnov - bobna Natural high gloss lacquer finish

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